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Plate Tectonics (6-8)
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Understanding geologic time and fossil dating


This interactive web-based activity is appealing to students, clear in presentation and interactive. The lesson teaches geologic time, law of superposition, radiometric dating as well as relative dating of fossils and rocks. Students should be aware of how fossils were dated when they are placing certain organisms on continents to determine continent location at a given time (Lesson 4 of this section).
Instructions This site can be used by individual students, students in small groups at one computer, or as a whole class activity using a computer and projector. Choose between the two activities depending on your classroom time requirements and student needs.

A Comprehensive lesson is provided in the module Understanding Geologic Time:

Resources for the teacher for Understanding Geologic Time: go to the Getting Started teacher section of this site before having students use it.
This is where you will find lesson plans, vocabulary, handouts, assessments etc.

The main page for Understanding Geologic Time is:

Resource for students for Understanding Geologic Time:

Briefer lesson on geologic time : A briefer version of this lesson is found in the section Geologic Time contained in the module Stories from the Fossil Record.

Resources for the teacher:
To best use the briefer version, the teacher should go to the teacher section called, Getting Started:
http://www.teachingboxes.org/catalog.jsp?id=DLESE-000-000-004-832 that provides lesson plans, assessments and extensions.

The main page for Stories from the Fossil Record is http://www.teachingboxes.org/catalog.jsp?id=DLESE-000-000-004-833

Resources for students: The student section is at http://www.teachingboxes.org/catalog.jsp?id=DLESE-000-000-004-831


Materials Paper, pencils for time lines; computers for students or computer with data projector
Teacher preparation None
Ideas on closing the lesson (synthesis) Use review activities listed on teacher page.